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Education Technology

Itchi puts focus on B2B and EdTech. We are dedicated to creating more unique products to provide a safe and funny e-learning environment for children. We have conducted many products include mobile games for SEN students to increase their learning ability and motivation. 

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This is an app sponsored by HK Standing Committee on Language Education and Research. It is a training tool for low-grade pupils to see whether children pick up morphological awareness through games. It is a story game. The app will unlock a-week story for children. The one-week story contains a seven-day story and each day story contains 8- 12 pages cartoons and three mini-games. Children need to finish the mini-games to go on the story.

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It is a turn-based multiplayer 2D web game, which supports room create and join. Players roll dice and move on the map, and solve random issues with selected abilities, and gain rating tokens from other players. 




It is a SLG 2D web game, which supports login and dynamic content (editable in the admin console). Multi KPIs for scoring in the ranking board. Players need to make choices and complete tasks, to level up the school with smarter spending and correct staff allocation.

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Instant Brain Power 瞬間記記看

It is a classic memory game and also a hyper-causal game which is suitable for kids, adults or seniors. It aims at helping child to stretch their brain. The higher the number, the more cards are in the memo game. It is common that the child will make significant progress by developing memory strategies.

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Turn Left Turn Right (TLTR)

“Turn Left, Turn Right” is a hyper-causal game that aims at training your brain through non-stop switching directions between left and right constantly. The game character would go downstairs when players change to correct direction.

In this game, players only need to achieve one target, which is gaining as many points as possible in a limited time, in order to level up and challenge the highest score.

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