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【First talk of CanTone❤️🧡💛💚💙】

It is our honour to be invited to collaborate with The Zubin Foundation and shared our trial Web App with a kindergarten-Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten (Shatin) who has quite a few non-Chinese students for their staff-development day in late-December. 🤝

It is grateful to hear that even though our product-CanTone is still in demo state, the concept behind and the methodology behind is what the teachers are very interested in knowing as they are consistently looking for resources and information about how to teach children Cantonese by making it fun and not hurting their confidence. They see that the concept of CanTone and methods will be a good resource. 😄

It was a great opportunity to share our CanTone idea, and we are pleased to have such opportunity.🙏🏻


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