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【Mobile Game】勇者大人的刷怪城

Our first 2D Pixel Art Mobile Game - Herogen! 🎉

Now officially launched on the App Store and Play Store‼ ️🎉🎉

Using the classic pixel style, Herogen is a classic pixel game ⚔️🛡👾

🔹Free attribute point allocation system➕

🔹Daily random tasks gaining reward💰

🔹Building and equipment systems🏺

🔹Exclusive Manual Draw🧧 🔹Battle system⚔️🛡

🔹Rankings🏆 The top 100 players will be rewarded every week✨

Please support us and download❗❗

🌟 NFT elements may be added in the future

Remember to keep an eye on our latest news👍🏻👍🏻 As a "chosen hero", let's explore the Another World ❗❗


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